Katherine Fraser

All Is Not Lost


Katherine Fraser

Technique: oil - original painting - stretched - shipped from the USA - shipping included
Height: 137.2cm
Width: 137.2cm

"All Is Not Lost" is a 54in x 54in oil painting by Katherine Fraser with a handmade wood frame that is black with a silver inner rim. Artist's statement about the piece // Growing up in Maine, the prom was always held the first weekend of May, before spring had arrived, so all of our prom photos were taken in front of bare trees. For myself, and many I imagine, the prom never lived up to expectation. My multitude of desires, including to be liked, to have a boyfriend, to do well, to have fun, never managed to be fulfilled at once. My frustrations at that age were thankfully tempered by the knowledge that life would expand beyond high school; my angst and self-pity were managed by my hope of outgrowing that awkwardness, that loneliness, that identity, and that town. This painting represents the many ways we experience disappointment, and the inner strength that reminds us that this too, shall pass. From a technical standpoint, I wanted to paint the girl on a scale, and from a perspective, that would indicate that she is a protagonist; she has a will to move forward. I wanted to contrast the festivity of the balloons with a stark and lifeless background, the luxurious satin of the gown with the morbidity of black.

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