Kris Hristov

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My art reflects who I am..I like beauty, but not necessary in the conventional meaning. I like to experiment with colours and techniques. Often I get my idea during the process of painting and not before, sometimes I can not even explain well with words the message I am portraying, but I can feel it...the feeling I put in a painting is everything for me...this energy resonates in the final peace. I think painting is there to represent the world around us, our ideas, our dreams, our is there to express a dimension of the world that we do not necessarily see in our everyday lives but that we can definitely feel. The feeling you get from a painting of mine is the most important aspect for me. Carnival is a painting of contrasts, the masks that we often wear during our everyday life are many and sometimes we get lost on who we truly are. The bright colours are in contrast with the feeling of reminiscence and realisation that things are not always what they seem.